Sex Webcam Model

How to become a sex webcam model

What do live jasmin sex cam models earn?

Working as a webcam model you get paid by your visitors. Your visitor pays $ 1,99 per minute to chat with you and watch your webcam.  From the total of $ 1,99 you get up to 36%. The other 64% go to live jasmine, the webmaster, the phone company etc. So the amount you earn per visitor per minute is $ 0,7164. This is no much, but you can have unlimited visitors at the same time. So when you have 3 visitors chatting with you in paid chat for one hour you earn:

$ 0,7164 x 3 x 60 = $ 130 in 1 hour work.

Of course you won’t have a person chatting with you one hour long. Some people stay one minute other 10 minutes. Sometimes you have 2 paying members and sometimes 5 or 6.  You can’t control the amount of people that will chat with you, but you can control the time you spend behind your webcam. When you work 40 hours in 1 week you will have a nice amount up to 3000 dollars. That is possible.

This are the top webcam performers on live jasmine with the amount they earned in may:

You will not have 8000 dollar in the first month. These models are working as a webcam model for several months or even years. They know how to get the maximum out off a visitor and how to get as much visitors as possible. But getting 2000 dollar in the first month should not be a problem. And let’s be honest, $ 2000 in your first month is a good beginning isn’t it?

In the next blog post we will tell you more of the tricks the top models use to get more visitors.