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sex webcam modelSex Webcam Work
Webcam modeling is a real job. There are many people, men and women, that work as a sex webcam model. And even more are thinking about working as a sex webcam model. But most people don’t know how much you can earn doing this work. And if you don’t know how much you will earn then it is a big step showing yourself naked in front of the webcam.

Sex Model Earnings
We can tell you about the webcam model earnings. The earnings depend on the website you work for. There are several websites like Livejasmin, Islive or Internet Modeling. You get paid per minute per visitor on each site. This is always the way of working in the adult webcam business. The difference between these websites is the payment per minute. Islive Pays 0,30 euro per minute (0,42 dollar), livejasmin pays up to 0,36 dollar a minute and Internet Modeling pays 0,80 or 1,00 dollar a minute.
An overview of the earning and a link to the website you can find here.

Other ways of earning
Livejasmin gives you mores earning options. People can take pictures, send you text messages and more. All these options are paid. When you allow one of these options it can be an extra few dollars on top of the 0,36 dollar per person per minute.

Get up to 5000 dollar a month.
Now you say “0,80 dollar a minute? That’s not much!”. But here is an explanation. You get 0,80 dollar per person. When you are live, and you have 3 members visiting then you get 2,40 dollar per minute. This is 144 dollar in 1 hour. When you read the 144 dollar you can imagine that models working 10 hours a week get 5000 dollars a month.
Our tip is: Join all 3 the programs and work on all the programs at the same time. You earn at 3 different websites at the same time, you have 3 times more change of getting visitors and more webmaster promote you on their websites.

become sex webcam modelHow do you get paid?
Then the most important question. How do you get paid? There a several ways. Check, bank transfer, credit card. Most companies have these options. The best way is to use a bank transfer when you live in America. When you live outside America, it is best to get a payoneer credit card. There are no extra charges and all the money will be transferred on you pioneer credit card. When you use livejasmin they will pay you for your credit card. (I myself have a credit card paid by them. And it works perfect.)

Start earning
Can I start right away ? You can start right now with registering yourself. All websites need a week to control your information. They want to be sure you are over 18 years old and you are who you say you are. Sometimes it can be checked within 24 hours but it can be 7 days at most.

Do you have a webcam and internet connection? Click here and register yourself at all programs!